Friday, April 22, 2011

Here are a few more British bits.
  • Jamie Oliver is a brilliant British chef, healthy eating is a huge focus for him. But he does do the traditional stuff like Shepard's pie and fish & chips.
  • You can find nice home decor items in your home town, but Bodie and Fou has some really great items, be it throw pillows or furniture.
  • Miss Selfridge has some of the cutest damn clothes and accessories I have ever seen.Some are a real bargain as well.
  • I am bat shit crazy in love with The Graham Norton show. It airs on BBC America and it is hilarious. Very naughty and creative.
  • Beautique has a wide selection of beauty products, some american but the real gems are the brands you can't find at the local Sephora.
  • Let's not forget the most important British thing of all.....the men.

I'll add more links if I think of them, but until then here are some films with a British connection you must watch.



Agnes Beauty Corner said...

I totally agree with you!! The men at those pictures are smoking hot =D

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