Sunday, April 3, 2011

The ominous list.......

The List. Just the thing to get me out of my funk and living life. Carpe Diem and all that.

Well, screw carpe diem, look at this friggin' thing! I gotta be insane to try and complete every thing on here. Maybe I got a little over ambitious with it's creation? Maybe the combination of insomnia and too much imagination got the better of me? Or maybe it's perfect. Ahh, The List.

1.Learn to speak Italian

2. Go to a movie alone

3. Create a piece of pottery

4. Learn to snowboard

5. Sing karaoke

6. Skydive

7. Ride a mechanical bull

8. Fire a handgun

9. Ride a zip line

10. Go firwalking

11. Grow an herb garden

12. Learn to knit

13. Read 100 books

14. Learn to juggle

15. Milk a cow

16. Play pool like a phenom

17. Make soap

18. Bungee Jump

19. Be an extra in a film

20.Ride a float in a gay pride parade

21. Cook every recipe in one cookbook

22.Take up photography

23. Donate plasma

24. Own a pub

25. Adopt a shelter pet

26. Get married

27. Make yoga my bitch

28. Spend St. Patty's in Boston

29. See a musical on Broadway

30. Become an early riser

31. Become a poker bad ass

32. Live in a foreign country for 6 months

33. Pet a tiger

34. Write a cookbook

35. Drive route 66

36. Ride a gondola in Venice

37. Attend an NHL game

38. Hot wire a car

39. Mud wrestling

40. Quit a job I hate

41.Attend a midnight Rocky Horror screening

42. Try 5 exotic fruits
( Jackfruit, Passion fruit, Lychee, Mangosteen, Dragonfruit)

43.Go to Disney world

44. Ride a cable car in San Fran

45. Vegas baby!

46. See the northern lights

47. Tell mom I love her

48. Learn French

49. Attend Mardi Gras

50. Sell something I created

51. Visit Ireland

52.Visit London

53. Learn to ice skate

54. Fire walking

55. Cliff diving

56. See the Acropolis and Parthenon in Greece

57. Visit Stonehenge

58. See the Coliseum in Rome

59. Explore the Smithsonian in D.C.

60. Spend a week in Paris

61. Learn astrology

62. Experience bliss

63. Start meditating

64. Watch every Best Picture nominee....ever
(64/485 films)

65. Write a travel book

66. Learn to forgive

67. Go to Pikes Place market in Seattle

68. Ballroom dancing dominance

69. Attempt to make Rainbow cupcakes

70. Hula in Hawaii

71.Learn to throw knives like a damn assassin

72. Listen to jazz in The French Quarter

73. Roast the perfect chicken

74. Cook Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, all alone

75. Try 10 bizarre foods ( Baby octopus and frog legs done!)

76. Participate in an all out food brawl

77. Visit Chinatown in San Fran

78. See MOMA in New York

79. Visit the Natural History Museum in New York

80. Escape from Handcuffs

81. Master beer pong

82.Attempt to be a vegan

83. Spend a day as a drag queen

84. Ride a skateboard and not bust my ass

85. Change a tire

86. Throw someone a surprise party

87.Feng shui a room properly

88. Make sushi that won't result in a hospital stay

89. Grill the perfect steak

90. Get a pedicure

91. Learn to pick locks

92. Build my own campsite and fire

93.Walk on my hands, no face plants allowed.

94. Learn to give excellent back massages

95. Sneak backstage at a concert

96. Make fresh pasta

97. Attempt kickboxing

98. Build a home bar

99. Learn mixology

100. Trapeze

101. Bake bread

102.Vacation solo

103. Make my own perfume

104. Dive in fully clothed

105. Gamble and win

106. Meet someone famous

107. Smoke hookah

108. Vacation with my best friend

109. Try botox

110. Grow fruit trees

111. Plant a veggie garden

112. Learn to drive like Steve McQueen

113. Visit 5 tacky tourist traps

114. Spend $500 on clothes in one day

115. Make a cookbook of moms recipes

116. Volunteer at an animal shelter

117. Complete a family tree

118. Ultimate scavenger hunt

119. Grow a butterfly garden

120. Feed a zebra

121. Hold a HUGE snake

122. Build a giant sandcastle, complete with moat

123. Open a bakery

124. Shark cage

125. Visit the 10 biggest roller coaster in the states

126. Watch a drive in movie

127. Drink "the boot"

128. Witness a solar eclipse

129. Watch a meteor shower

130. Catch a foul ball

131. Sculpt something

132. Ride a tandem bike

133. Visit a butterfly house

134. Play in the pouring rain

135. Master British Pub Grub

136. Watch all 6 Star Wars movies in a row

137. Ride a double decker bus

138. See a play in The West End

139. Help delive a baby animal

140. Start a random dance in a public place

141. Kick a field goal

142. Pay for a strangers meal

143. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

144. Sew an article of clothing and wear it

145. Golf 18 holes

146. Hug a stranger

147. See the worlds largest ________

 This is all I got for now, suggestions are more than welcome. Let the madness begin.



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