Monday, April 11, 2011

#11 Grow an herb garden

Ahhh mother nature, how I love you. I rolled out of my burrow at 8am for you. I provided a flesh-lunch for your fly children. I even had a near run in with a worm (gag!),  just to give back to you. And what do I get as a thank you??? a sunburn and a throbbing back. Mother nature, you're kind of a bitch but I still love ya.

With the GORGEOUS weather we have been having I decided it was high time to get cracking on the herb garden. Keep in mind, I have never grown anything in my life. Unless you count a seething hatred for animal abusers, that has been growing for 28 years.

Anyhow, I made a midnight trek to Satan-Mart and stocked up on all my necessities:

1.) Big bag of dirt

                                                                  2.) Seeds a plenty
 3.) Experienced assistant

4.) High tech soil transporter and pots
5.) Most kick ass watering can in human history
I took my blue and yellow pots and filled each one 3" from the top with my soil. It's miracle grow so I think it's been blessed by the garden gods or something. Next, I took my little, bitty pinkie and started poking little holes for my seed babies. Then I slapped their asses into their holes and covered them with 1/4" of soil.

After they were tucked all snug into their dirty beds, I watered them with my poodle.

 Don't they look happy???

Now, whether these will successfully grow or not I have no idea. I'm just glad I made the effort and I feel good about doing something with nature. I have to admit, I think I got bit by the gardening bug. 2 hours after I took these photos I planted 20 strawberry plants. Tomorrow I will be tilling up a 20' x 20' area to start work on my veggie garden. So bring on the bug bites and sunburn, I'm ready for ya.
Mother Nature you sucked me in.........bitch.


clare suzanne said...

I love Nancy Botwin. I am also quite impressed with your adorable little plants!! :)

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