About 5 days ago I was wrestling with another bout of insomnia, were besties by this point, and I got stuck in my head.  I really have no idea who I am anymore. I'm supposed to be an adult, but I feel like a child. Basically, I have turned into a lost loser.
I started to think of what I wanted out of this life, and how much time I am wasting everyday, when I could be out there actually living. And that's where the list started. I don't wanna be a shiftless lump anymore, I wanna grab life by the balls. So what started as 5 things has grown into over a hundred and hopefully many, many more. This is going to be time consuming, and I'm probably not going to enjoy every one of these tasks, but at least I will have some kind of goals. Even if they are sort of bizarre and ridiculous. Hopefully, thru these experiences I will figure out who I am.