Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#73 Roast the perfect chicken

I committed murder last night. Well, technically I would be an accessory to murder I guess. The end result to this crime was pure deliciousness.

I searched far and wide in the Food Network universe for the perfect recipe. It took literally 4 minutes. It was really more of suggestion anyway, I do what I want in the kitchen!

I got my friend, Mr. Cluckers, mainly because he was free range and anti-biotic free. It was even labeled smart chicken, but lets be honest, if it was so smart how did it end up on my table?

I pre-heated my oven to 425 degrees and blotted Cluckers with paper towels to get rid of moisture on the skin. Makes for a soggy bird.
Next, I sliced an apple into chunks and shoved it in the birds "cavity". Calling it a "cavity" makes it seem so much dirtier than it should. Anyway, the apple doesn't really add flavor but it does help it stay moist.

Then, things got real freaky. I lifted the skin of the bird and placed blocks of butter under it. This also helps it stay moist. And looks bizarre as hell.

Next, I chopped an onion, carrots and celery. These were placed in the bottom of the pan with a little chicken stock to help with moisture and flavor.
I then began seductively massaging a mixture of salt, sugar, black pepper,fresh garlic, parsley, thyme and tarragon all over Cluckers ample breast and firm thighs.

He was placed breast side down and baked at 425. After 15 minutes I dropped the temp to 350 degrees. I basted him every half hour and he loved it!!!!!
2 hours later was the end results. Crispy, golden skin and juicy, luscious meat.
This sounds like a letter to penthouse.

He was delicious and dare I say, perfect.



clare suzanne said...

This looks so good!!! Looks like someone should have me over for a supper date sometime ;) then I could take pics and cross it off my list haha

Jess said...

I really want to have dinner parties and barbeques when I get into my own place. and wine night, I love me some wine nights.

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