Sunday, April 3, 2011

Holy Rainbows Batman!

#69 Attempt to make rainbow cupcakes

The first item I picked to scratch off the list is a small one. Compared to many others this one looks like a breeze. A tiny, little speck of a challenge. It's just baking, I would have no problems, right? 


The Internet, which never lies, said all I had to do was just mix up a white cake mix, divide it into 6 bowls, color each one and then layer the colored batters in my liners and bake. So I did. And this happened......

10 minutes into baking it looked like Elton John(♥) and RuPaul(double ♥) threw up all over my baking pan. Turns out less is more when it comes to layering the batter, who knew?? So I returned back to the salt mines and whipped up another batch of colors. 
Apparently the baking gods decided to show me a little bit of mercy because this batch was glorious!

The layering wasn't perfect but damn it, I did it!  Score one for this chick.

 Tie dye butterflies were the finishing touch.


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I am going to have to try these! Love the finished products. So cute!

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