Sunday, April 3, 2011


#133 Visit a butterfly house

I have always loved butterflies. They are so delicate and fragile, yet they do some of the hardest migrations on earth. Where I live you pretty much just see the Monarch, so I jumped at the chance to be locked in a building with every butterfly you could imagine. They could not escape me!!!!!

There were winged beauties everywhere in this joint. I was in Heaven......until he came along.

I believe in spanish he is known as El Diablo

This fluttering jerk started diving at my face like it was his job. I have never really been afraid of bugs, but I will admit that this day, I ran from a butterfly. It was like he knew I was there to photograph and exploit his kind and he wanted REVENGE!!

Finally, after many evasive maneuvers, I was free from his evil shenanigans.

 Doesn't this look like Nemo?

I named him Cyclops

Even tho I was stalked and almost killed, it was amazing being surrounded by these creatures



Paul said...

I don't get it, you have an excellent photography teacher right in front of you, and you just won't utilize me. Keep taking your crappy photos because for everyone I have to look at you're gonna have a penalty to pay.

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