Sunday, March 11, 2012

A couple months ago I received a package from Somme Institute containing their skincare 5-Step Regimen. I decided to finish up the bottles of my regular skin products before giving Somme a good 30 day run. I'm pretty sure it was just my commitment issues kicking in. I wanted to give the products a good month long run to give a fair, honest opinion. It was worth it.

These products do a great job working together as a system, but I'm going to say my piece about each individual item. They deserve it. 

Step 1: Nourishing Cleanser (Blue Dot)

This is a vitamin packed, gel based cleanser. It does a good job cleeaning deep, doesn't dry you out, and leaves skin with a touchable texture.

Step 2: Transport Pads (Lilac Dot)

These pads pack a punch!!! Possibly my favorite product of the 5, Transport pads are loaded with AHA to bust up and remove nasty dead skin cells. They have a nice, citrusy scent. When I first started using them, I thought they made my skin feel plasticy (is that even a word?), but that was my ignorance. They were actually improving the firmness of my skin.

STEP 3:  Serum (Orange Dot)

Serum is just that, a silky serum that works on fine lines and evens skin tone. It does a really nice job. I had the start of some smile lines, which are far less noticable. It is big on vitamin C and has a cocktail of 5 others thrown in for good meausre.

STEP 4: A-Bomb (Green Dot)

A light weight cream that also has the vitamin cocktail. It soothes the skin rather well and is great at keeping dryness at bay. It also has the nice, citrus scent.

Step 5: Double Defense (Pink Dot)

I admit I'm not a faithful user of this product. Not because it lacks anything, I honestly just forget to put it on daily. It is a wonderful moisturizing lotion, has an SPF 30+ and a really nice texture.

All in all, I think this is a great system, it works well and the color dot packaging is adorable.
Over the course of my use, I have noticed fewer visible lines, less redness and  a better texture and firmness. Buy this system!!