Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sculpture Walk

Holy long time no type!!!!!
I have had an extremely hermit like existence as of late, which doesn't exactly make for great material to write about. That is until I went away for the weekend to a city that shall remain nameless.
I have visited this town many, many times in my life due to extended family living there and have always left with the impression that the town was dull and honestly kind of dirty.

This time however, I ventured to a wonderland called "Downtown". Amazing what crossing a bridge can do. For the first time I was seeing tons of outdoor cafes, specialty shops and the sculpture walk. I am a sucker for art of any kind, so stumbling upon this was a beautiful surprise. From what I gathered every year this city obtains about 50 sculptures from various artists around the country and swaps them with the previous years to display and be voted on by the public. The sculpture with the most votes becomes a permanent piece in the installation.

I am slightly pissed that I have not known about this for the past few years. Hell, I was too dense to explore this section of town before, but these piece were beautiful. I wanted to share a few of them with you and get your thoughts.

The detail on his face was beautiful. I literally cried looking at this one. Farmers daughter, what can I say.

This one made me smile, shes dancing with such abandon.
Sgt. Pepper about to be devoured.

I really look forward to returning every year to see the new installation. I no longer view this city as dirty like I once did, I guess that was me being close minded. Going off my regular routine there was the best thing I could have done. Lesson learned,  step outside your comfort zone and you are greatly rewarded!!



Paul said...

Great weekend. How about next time I take the photos?????? :P

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