Monday, January 23, 2012

#2 Go to a movie alone

Yesterday was one of those blah days. I didn't want to get out of bed and do anything. When I did roll out of my blanket mountain I was bored senseless, nothing made me happy. I'm blaming the disgusting  weather for my lack of motivation.

Doesn't exactly make ya feel like frolicking

After many hours of Big Bang Theory episodes, an at home mani/pedi and getting half way thru The Beautiful and the Damned, I had to get out of the house. So I sucked it up and did the unthinkable..........I went to a movie.....alone.

Granted, it was an afternoon matinee, so I didn't expect it to be overflowing with people, but to be honest, I was still kind of intimidated.  Walking up to the theatre entrance to get in the ticket line my hands got kind of sweaty. There was a tiny amount of freaky paranoia that I was alone, so something must be wrong right??? Then I got over it.

I bought my ticket to see "Haywire" (Not the best acting from the lead, great supporting cast, excellent fight scenes.) Got my bottle of water and sour patch kids, walked into the theatre and then the magic happened.

No more worrying about where other people wanted to park it, this was all about me. So i sat, dead center of the theatre, arms on BOTH arm rests. Water in one cup holder, sour patch kids in the other. Then came the all mighty leg stretch. I feel this may have been the most glorious leg stretch in human history, but I'm probably being biased.

The joy of having personal space, no one whispering in my ear like an annoying gnat and a small tinge of independence for going it alone made this a fantastic experience. Once you get over the initial stigma of going to the movies alone it is awesome. Solo movies may be my new guilty pleasure. Everyone must do this, at least once.



I can not stop listening to this song, it has turned into a full blown obsession. Plus, this has to be one of the most beautiful opening sequences of any film.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

This actually looks really entertaining. Maybe McG isn't a total hack???????

Sgt. Pepper seems to be enjoying the winter weather a little more than he should.....

Our attempt at being artsy

Peppers fellow gang members, Cassie and Stanley. They go hard.

Don't be fooled by the coat, he will cut you.

Yeah, we know who runs this s**t! That's his pimp paw.

Which is weird, because during the summer he can fly.....
Superman has nothing on me!

Pure skill

Hover Hound


First things first, the pun in the title is horrible, but it is true. As someone who has gone their whole life with enlarged pores that seem to house more grim than a landfill ( that was graphic and gross, but sadly true) I have finally found the exfoliant of my dreams.

Arcona Cranberry Gommage is bloody brilliant. If my pores were Helen Keller, this is my miracle worker ( all my jokes are just in bad taste this evening, sorry!). It is packed with cranberry and raspberry enzymes to shrink these giant pores down to size. Salicylic acid, volcanic minerals and sucrose get deep in the skin, providing antimicrobial benefits.

The smell is divine. It smells like a fresh berry smoothie, but with notes of something like fresh cut grass. It is fantastic. It is so simple to use too. I have just been doing my normal skin care routine but slipping this in about 3 times a week. Just put a small amount in the palm of your hand

Or on your finger, let's not get picky!

Add a small amount of water to loosen it up and apply it to your face and neck in upward circular motions. the grit in it is super fine and pleasant, not harsh or rough like alot of other products.

It feels so good when applying it. After a couple minutes rinse, and your skin feels unreal. Mine becomes soft and supple, I want to keep touching it. I wish the product was a little cheaper (100ml/$42.00- 200ml/$75.00), as I would love to use it as a full body exfoliator.

This is most definitely a product that will be a repeat purchase. With results like the ones I have been getting, It would be a crime to stop using it.


As I sit down to write this in my flannel pajamas, cup of cocoa in hand, my house is getting blasted with 30mph winds and 9 inches of snow. Normally, I would be pretty sullen about this, but I'm not too concerned this time. All I can think about is sand beaches, fruity umbrella drinks and suntan lotion. I have Pacifica to thank for my tropical state of mind.

Yeah buddy!!

 I have been using Pacifica's Color Quench Lip Tint in Blood Orange to protect my lips from the harsh winds and cold we have been experiencing, but this is a vacation in a tube. A beautiful pink and orange tube.

This 100% vegan lip tint leaves your lips smooth and hydrated, with just a hint of color. The pretty pink shade is flattering on most skin tones. I had been the victim of an unfortunate case of the dreaded scaly lips, after using this for 2 days it was gone and my kisser was silky smooth.

The citrus scent is beyond yummy, but not over powering. For the past couple years I have been dedicated to another lip balm, but I'm calling it quits. I have fallen for another.
I was kind of obsessed with winter scents a couple months ago, but you can only huff so much balsam, cinnamon and nutmeg. Now I'm loving all things delicate and sweet. Pacifica's Island Vanilla Perfume Roll on is sent from scent heaven.

This perfume is the most amazing combination of Tahitian vanilla, jasmine and some magical fruity notes. It smells like a delicious mix of summer air and the most decadent cupcakes, or maybe I'm having a stroke, who knows??? What I do know is that I am completely hooked on it's pure, natural scent. There is nothing artificial about it, which can be a hard thing to achieve when it comes to vanilla scents, most have an underlying alcohol odor.

The packaging is beautiful, convenient and durable. I just toss it in my purse and I'm set. The scent seems to last a good 5 hrs, but I find myself applying more often just because I'm greedy.

So, while the wind may be howling and the snow & ice making heels a questionable choice, I'm at peace with it. I've got a one woman tropical vacation right at my fingertips. Now if only I could bust out the flip flops and tank tops already!