Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Puppy Power

#25 Adopt a Shelter Pet

Meet Stanley. He is a 3-year old Mini Schnauzer, who just happens to be schizophrenic.

I adopted this little ball of terror in mid-July. My younger brother wanted a dog, so I told him he had to get a shelter dog, that's the only way to do it. He found a little Maltese that he wanted, but when we went to the shelter to meet her she had already been adopted.
We walked around checking out the other critters, my heart breaking all the while, and we stumbled upon Stanley.
Stanley had been found wandering stray with a Chihuahua named Frankie. Stan seemed very friendly and calm, the perfect little loving dog. Turns out he's an excellent actor.

I went to adopt him, signed all the paperwork and we were told they would get back to us within a week. After 3 weeks of phone tag, lost paperwork and confusion, Stanley was finally home. And then the crazy started.

Does this look sane to you????
Turns out Stanley knows a full set of commands, but argues with everything you tell him. He does love to shake hands tho. I have never encountered a dog that will bark and yell the way he does if you tell him to do something he doesn't agree with. We did get lucky in the fact that him and Sgt. Pepper get along great. There was a slight dominance struggle the first couple days, but now that's over. Stanley knows Pepper runs this s**t.

That's right, bow before me!!!!!!

So Stanley has a home, Pepper has a friend, And I have tiny spells of rage everytime Stanley gets creative. I wouldn't have it any other way ♥


I am a complete product junkie, I always want to try new things. I love using all 5 senses when reviewing a new item, except taste, I don't eat too many cosmetics lol. But when a product has a greater purpose it let's me use my heart. Kiss My Face Peace Soaps do just that, it's great for your skin and heart.

These soaps not only clean great, smell really fresh and have multiple uses, they are also trying to better this world. Seeds of Peace is a program that brings together teens from opposite sides of conflict. They attend a camp in Maine that teaches them about conflict resolution, not to view each other as enemies but instead try to understand each other. The company says "By planting Seeds of Peace we hope a brighter, more peaceful future will flourish". It really is a beautiful idea.

Now the soap themselves are probably my favorite thing at the moment. They are 100% natural Castile soap and I have used them for everything.

 I love using Grassy Mint in the shower, it's is such a wake up scent and it leaves my skin so clean and soft. I hate the residue feeling most soaps and body washes leave on you, but this leaves none of that, just clean, soft skin.

Lemongrass and Clary Sage I use to soak in the bathtub. It is so relaxing and gentle smelling, like I'm in a kick ass meadow or some completely overpriced spa. 

Lavender Mandarin is hands down my favorite. I use this for everything from washing my hands, doing laundry, to cleaning my fruit. It is a jack of all trades and smells unbelievable.

I have these in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry area. I was my hands now more than ever, just so I can sniff these fragrances. All around they are fantastic products to clean my self and my home, but more than that, they are trying to clean hate and misunderstanding from the world, one teen at a time.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Linky Dinks

So I realize I have been super neglectful to my baby blog and if it were my child I'd be in prison for the way I have treated it as of late. Between working on the hell house and various other distractions, I have been a piss poor mother to it. Hopefully things are going to be less chaotic from now on and I can get back in the swing of things. I have a stock pile of bucket lists items and reviews to post, along with pictures of the house that will not die turning from zombie to lovely, little cottage. So to kick off my not so triumphant return, Linky Dinks!!

  • About once a month I turn into a chocolate and salt craving freak, like i'll stab you with a fork if you even look at my "hormonal" food stash. Well, I have found 2 items that satisfy both of these cravings and then some. First, Vosges Chocolate makes the most incredible bar called Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar. That's right people, it's chocolate and bacon insanity!!!! Sweet, sweet insanity. It is kind of pricey but it is so rich it will last you a couple munch sessions. Secondly, we have Ben and Jerry's Late Night Snack. MIND BLOWING!!!!! Chocolate covered potato chips, salted caramel and vanilla ice cream?????? Hell Yeah!!!!! Yes, your mouth will thank you for these little bites of love, your ass? Not so much
  • I am not afraid to admit that in the past month I have watched ever episode of Ugly Betty. I never gave this show the time of day when it was on the air and that was a big mistake. Yes, it is over the top and sometimes total camp, but that is the fun of it.  Marc and Amanda made the show for me, hilarious. I mean come on, when an older guy and a younger guy are set up on a blind date and introduced as "Silver Fox" and "Purple Ferret" what's not to love???
  • With the unfortunate passing of Amy Winehouse, I dug out my copy of Back to Black. This woman was such an amazing talent, her lyrics are so honest and raw you can not help but feel something listening to the earthy voice come out of this troubled pixie. A must own album and an example of true musical brilliance in a sea of modern musical shit.
  • I will never set foot inside a Forever 21 store, but I am loving there accessories right now.  Really cute, fashionable stuff and crazy cheap. I like the fact I can stock up on trendy items with out spending a ton, makes me feel less guilt when the trend fades and so does my interest in the item.
  • I have found the cutest book ever. Go The F**k to Sleep is certainly not a childrens book, althought i'm sure somewhere some parent has gotten a big suprise by it. Idiot. I snag this book as fast as I could get my stubby hands on it and it had me laughing out loud. Best part???? the audio version is read by Samuel Jackson. I don't think anything else needs to be said.
  • I have made a vow that this winter I will be a Grizzly Bear. No, seriously, I can be a bear, wolf or even a lion. SpiritHoods are adorable faux fur hats with "paws" attached. They are expensive but they are great quality, animal friendly and so cute. Rawr!!!
Alrighty, time for this chick to hit the hay. Later folks!!!