Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have an obsession with the British. The accents, beauty products, fashion trends, television, movies, music, the whole package just does it for me. I ♥ British culture. These are some of my fave british sites to shop. They have the best stuff.

  • Sleek Cosmetics has wonderful beauty products. The eyeshadows have really good pigmentation and some fun colors.
  • Although they have stores in the states now, Topshop was originally a UK store. Their products are trendy, edgy and fun.
  • Butter London is a nail lacquer line created by a brit. The colors will knock your socks off!!! They might seem spendy, but they have excellent staying power and are unique.
  • Bronson is an unbelievable film about one of Britain's most violent prisoners. It's graphic, funny and oddly endearing. Plus, Tom Hardy is always an added bonus, crazy talented and eye meltingly sexy.

Hot Damn!
  • If you want hard to find and unique shoes here in the states, Schuh is the place to look. Their heels are great and there is a large selection.
  • Being Human is a show that I've grown quite fond of. The re runs are on BBC America, but don't confuse it with the US version that started this year. The original version is soooo much better.
That's all I can think of at the moment, hence this being a 2 part post. I'll have the rest of my UK faves posted shortly. Until then god save the queen, bollocks, fish & chips, and all that.....



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