Monday, July 4, 2011

This picnic is sweet!!!

I love things that look like something familiar, yet are actually completely different. Like a stick bug or a skort (ok, not so much a skort) but you get the idea.  Well, this beautiful 4th of July I decided to do some trickery and freak everyone out, but with food. I present to a little thing I like to call:
Cupcake Illusions!!!!!!!

The fourth of July means picnics, patriotism and evil sparklers (step on a hot sparkler wire with bare feet then say they aren't evil!). Since I can't bake patriotism or fireworks (holy bad idea), I went with a picnic theme.
Kitchen chaos
These little nibbles are so easy to create. I just used a yellow and a chocolate cake mix, canned white frosting, food color and a little creativity.

Bake the cupcakes as the box directs and wait for them to cool.

While they are baking, divide you frosting into 5 bowls and dye red, yellow, green, pink and black. 

For the corn:
 Using yellow icing in a pastry bag frost the some yellow cakes. Top with buttered popcorn and lemon drop Jelly Belly's. Stick with corn skewers for added cuteness.


Using either flavor of cupcake, frost the outer edge of the cake with green icing. Next, using a star tip, pipe pink icing to fill the middle. Top with random black icing "seeds".


Slice yellow cakes in half to make buns. Cut the bottom off the chocolate cake for the burger patty.
Pipe green "lettuce" on bottom but, top with chocolate cake, pipe red "ketchup" and yellow "mustard" and top with remaining yellow cake. You can top with sugar to look like sesame seeds, but I forgot.

These are super cute and so simple to make it should be criminal.

A perfect picnic lunch!

- Jess



clare suzanne said...

The burgers are so cute!!! I bet they were super tasty too!!

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