Thursday, July 14, 2011

In 1991 Terminator 2 graced movie screens and I had a bejsus scared out of me. The T2000 terminator was the worst thing I had ever seen just for the fact he was liquid metal, could change into anyone,  and WOULD NOT FREAKIN' DIE! Basically, he was pure evil.
Don't tell me this wouldn't make you piss your pants when you were 9 years old.

He was always running, melting, morphing and poking parts of him thru people. And not in a nice, friendly way. Well guess what buddy?? I'm older, my pants are dry and I no longer fear liquid metal.
In fact, I happen to love it now.

I got my grubby little hands on 2 of Illamasqua Liquid Metal pots and a Pure Pigment. These products are amazeballs.

The Liquid Metals are in the shades Solstice and Superior.
Solstice is the best gold item I have ever owned. It goes on so opaque it's almost like a paint for your skin. I have used it on my eyes, as a highlighter on my cheeks and as a lip color. It is so versatile, one of my friends puts it down the front of her legs as a highlight for her tan.

 Superior is plain and simply gorgeous. I've never been a huge blue fan but this is such a deep, rich blue it's making me change my ways. I wore it in an eye look yesterday and 2 people asked what I was wearing. It's got the perfect amount of shimmer and would work well for evening looks year round.
 It's also very buildable color.
Keep in mind I have oily skin and am prone to eye shadow creasing so I never wear creams, but these did not crease in the slightest.

 The Pure Pigment I got is in the shade Android. It is a great black with tons of silver shimmer. It is a super fine powder and you only need to use the smallest amount. It reminds me of a night sky full of starts, all dark with little, sparkling diamonds.  I think it is ideal for smokey eye looks.

L to R: Android, Solstice and Superior

This was a super fast 5 minute look using Solstice and Android. Horrible picture but you get the idea. They are easy to blend, great to work with and hold up to wear really well.

You can snag these darlings at Illamasqua's website.



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