Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Long Bitch!!!!!!!!!!

#40 Quit a job I hate

So technically I quit this job almost a year ago, but it was so horrible I merit it list worthy.

Everyone has had one. We have all experienced it. Putting up with one is really a test in how much you can take. I'm talking about the co-worker from hell.
I worked in a pretty high stress setting, helping substance abusing adolescents, but I adored my job. The clients were fantastic and most of my co-workers were really awesome. That is until she blew into the building. We will call her "Snatchface".

Snatchface was under the impression that just because some messed up shit happened in her life, that gave her free reign to treat people like dirt. This woman was so over bearing and just plain nasty mean it took everything I had not to hit her in the face with a stapler.

Swingline of course, they make the biggest impact. 

The environment of our work was always kinda chaotic but we managed. The purpose of our job was to help these kids, not treat them like the enemy or like they were at bootcamp. Well Snatchface thought otherwise. She got off on giving these kids a hard time and it made me sick every time it happened. For a year I just kept telling myself I was not going to let her drive me out of a job that I love. Well in the end I had to decide, walk away or face prison for serious assault.

I don't do well in a cage so I walked away.  There I things I miss about the job everyday, but my sanity was more important. My hatred of this woman was consuming me and it wasn't healthy. I say hatred because that is the only way to describe it. She is easily the most vile person I have ever come in contact with and I wish nothing but horrible things for her. I know that sounds terrible but I'm being honest. If you have ever had a Snatchface in your life you know what I'm talking about.
I'll stop having my rage stroke now.



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