Sunday, June 5, 2011

The black cats eye is easily one of the most classic looks in make up.  One little flick of the liner wand and boom! instant sex appeal. Often worn on screen by bombshells and flirty ingenues, it is purely iconic.

The black is timeless, but I want something more. So I got a few items from Mark cosmetics to try an remedy this situation. First up is Metalliner in Blue Chrome. A bright royal blue with a metallic sheen, this definitely gets your eyes noticed.

Next is another  Metalliner in Quick Silver. I have used "silver" liners in the past that were pretty lack luster. They were either silver specks suspended in a clear base or severely lacking in pigmentation. This is not one of those liners. It is a straight up metallic, look at me silver. It reminds me of winter.

Get in Line liner in Deep Aqua is the stand out for me in this group. It is an intense turquoise with a gold shimmer. It reminds me of the saris worn by Indian women. Gorgeous, loving this for summer. The only drawback is it does stain the skin. Even using eye make up remover it sticks around for awhile.

Now, I know this is not a liner but it is an eye product so I'm tossing it in here. Scanda-Lash
in Indiglow has stolen my heart. I love purple hued mascaras, but most turn out being pretty weak. They more towards the plum/ burgundy side of things and that is just not for me. This color however is pure purple bliss.  How could you not want to wear this??

Deep Aqua, Quick Silver, Blue Chrome, Indiglow

I'm still going to keep hunting for a lime green, hot pink and whatever other punch you in your face colors I can come across. Until then I'll be thanking Mark for his wicked products and amazing summer ready eyes. THANKS MARK!!!!!



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