Monday, February 13, 2012

I have made no secret that I have oily skin. It's sucks, but for the most part I got it under control. Except for my damn eyelids!!!! Not only are they greasy, but my eyes are deep set, so I got the double whammy for creasing eye products.
Nothing I had ever tried had worked at keeping things in place and it was so frustrating. I found Make Up Forever Aqua Creams and my cosmetics prayers were answered.

The first one I tried was in #17- Plum.  It is a gorgeous violet/burgundy/brown with a good amount of  shimmer to it.

Right off the bat I noticed how light and moist the cream was, which made me think " There is no way this is sticking around for long." I figured 30 minutes, tops. My eyelids are the destroyers of shadows, powder or cream.
I spread a thin layer of my lid and within a minute it had dried and set.......and did not budge. I wore that layer for a total of 12 hours the first day and it held up the entire time.
The next day i layered some powder shadows over the top and it worked wonderfully as a base. The look stood up to 9 hours of wear.

I swear these amazing creams are waterproof. Once they set, they set.

I am so completely in love with this product I plan on ordering as many as I can.
I have also used #17 as a cheek contour and a lip color. Some people will complain about the price, but I feel they are worth every penny. Plus, it takes the tiniest amount to get good color coverage.

Snatch these puppies, they are a game changer!!
Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams



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