Monday, February 13, 2012

I must be turning into one of those prancing, smiling, singing princesses, because in the past couple weeks I have been getting bombarded with woodland critters in the back yard. I am used to the occasional deer wandering into the yard at night, no big deal, but this is ridiculous. Most recently I have had :

1.) A mother opossum with 3 babies living in the garage.

2.) A family of Raccoons living in the old barn.

3.) A woodchuck colony residing under the hen house.

4.) A deer here, a deer there, a deer everywhere!

5.) 15, I kid you not, 15 squirrels over running the backyard and the birdfeeders.


6.) One lone beaver, living in the boat shed. I named him Ramon.

Heck yes, I went all night vision on his ass.

This is not to mention the various hoardes of birds, bunnies and other creatures sneaking around. So, being the animal loving soft heart I am, this animal invasion has resulted in a ton of hay, corn, birdseed, other forms of feed and water being set out.

I figure since I am clearly turning into a warped version of a Disney Princess, Prince Charming has to be on his way, right?? No??? Screw it, I got my critters, I'm happy.



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