Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pure entertainment

 I thought I had burned through everything I wanted to watch on Netflix, so on my brothers suggestion I started watching White Collar. BEST...SUGGESTION....EVER!!

 I am completely burned out on the dark, depressing cop dramas that have taken over TV, and this is a huge bright spot in an otherwise dreary prime time line-up.
This show is so much fun. Yes, it is a crime show, but it is funny and doesn't take itself too seriously.
The Neal Caffrey character is clever, smart as hell and so charming you can't help but love him. Even if he is a master art forger, theif, all around criminal mastermind.
The banter and relatinship between him and Peter Burke is fantastic, but let's not forget about his best friend Mozzie. I love him to pieces. It's just an all around great show and I suggest everyone watch it. The fact that Matt Bomer looks like a golden god doesn't hurt either.
Seriously, is this guy even human???
Watch the show, you can thank me later :)



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