Tuesday, October 18, 2011

With the temperatures dropping and winds starting to pick up, snuggling into a comfy blanket in front of a fire is all you think about some days. Well, I've come up with a little autumn weather survival kit, just to help ease into the change of seasons:

  • Flannel Pajamas are a must. There is nothing better than lounging about the house and being toasty. Nick and Nora make fantastic ones in playful, fun prints. I have light blue sock monkey ones that I adore.

  • Now that our body is warm, we need to work on our piggies. Sweater Slippers are great on chilly nights. I like having some foot freedom, so slip ons are perfect for me. A faux fur lining makes them extra toasty. You're pigs will thank you.

  • Another essential is flannel sheets. These ones from L.L.Bean are ultra soft and never cold to the skin. They don't pill like alot of flannel either. It's like a big flannel hug every time you get into bed.

  •  So you don't own a fireplace, but love the smell??? Bath and Body Works has the solution. If you love the earthiness of a fire burning in the hearth try their Fireside candle. If you want it a little sweeter, their Marshmallow Fireside candle is perfect. I can not stop burning these, total comfort.
  • Is there anything better than a mug of warm hot cocoa??? Most of us are used to the packets in the light blue box with the chick that looks like Heidi on it and that's fine, It's decent stuff. But to really spoil yourself try the Godiva Hot Cocoa Sampler box. It is a completely different taste sensation that anything I was used to.  Chocolate decadence in a mug.

  • Cocoa is not the only good thing to come in a mug. Let's not forget about soup people!!!! Nothing warms you up faster after a long day working in the pumpkin patch ( cuz everyone does that once fall hits right?). I know that homemade soup is best, but sometimes you just want easy. Bear Creek has glorious soup mixes that taste just like mama made them. I recommend the Cheddar Broccoli and Creamy Wild Rice.

  •  When mother nature sucks all the moisture out of your skin, leaving you with a dry, itchy mess, all you want is relief. A body butter is your best bet for curing dry skin. Thick, fast drying and loaded with hydrating elements, they make even the worst skin supple.The Body Shop butters come in a large variety of scents, something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Cracking lips are part of the cold, dry season but let's be honest, they are gross and painful. A good lip balm will prevent the cracking before it even starts. I have raved about the EOS Lip Sphere in the past and I'm raving again. Not only does it work wonderfully, if you purchase the Strawberry Sorbet flavor  part of the proceeds help the fight against breast cancer.

  • When it is freezing outside a hot bath full of giant bubbles puts a huge smile on my face. A couple of my favorite items to use are any of the Philosophy Bath & Shower Gels. They have alot of seasonal and holiday scents. If you want gigantic bubbles that just don't quit, LUSH Bubble Bars are unbeatable. Break off a small chunk and you will have tons of suds that don't disappear as soon as you slip in. Christmas Eve and Gingerbread house are great this time of year.



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